A Day At The Beach

If you visit the Gulf Coast for a vacation, you can plan on being at the beach a lot. Tourists and locals alike, play on the beaches and explore all there is to offer on the coast.

The fine white sandy beaches are waiting for you to come explore. The beaches on the Gulf are known for their calm, swimmable waters and are popular for water sports.

It is important to plan our your next family vacation to the Gulf Coast, and you’ll find some useful information below that can help you prepare.

Florida Sun Vacation - A Day at the Beach

Weather in the Gulf

The weather on the Gulf Coast varies slightly throughout each season, but during most of the year, you will find the area’s beaches to be pleasant and warm with swimmable water.

In the winter months, the temperature of the gulf water hovers around 64 degrees Fahrenheit which for brave souls can be enjoyable, but many prefer the later Springtime & Summer before they venture into the ocean water. The air temperature stays at around 74 degrees on average, making most days very comfortable if you enjoy relaxing on the beach or exercising outdoors.

The temperature of the gulf water starts to rise to around 76 degrees in the spring, making it comfortable for the majority of people, while air temperatures rise up to an average of around 85 degrees. This is a great time of the year to visit as the beaches are less populated while the weather is still pleasant enough for beach outings and swimming.

The summer months are warm and enjoyable, with highs in the 90’s, while water temperatures are around 86 degrees. This makes a day at the beaches and swimming very pleasant and enjoyable on just about all Summer long. Summers can be hot and humid during some days, but frequent thunderstorms help to cool things off as well as ocean breezes.

Tips and Recommendations

  • Check the weather – If you are heading to the beach, check the weather ahead of time for forecasted rain or unseasonable water temps. On humid days, you’ll need to be prepared as you can hot and uncomfortable quickly. Always dress appropriately.
  • Rent beach equipment – Instead of lugging all of your own gear from home, most beach items can be rented. Beach umbrellas, beach wheelchairs, chairs, skim boards, boogie boards, strollers and snorkeling equipment are all available throughout the area. Bringing this equipment with you on your trip can be a hassle, and it is usually much more convenient to rent the equipment as needed once you arrive.
  • Get there early to guarantee parking – Whenever possible, you will want to arrive early to beach destinations to ensure that you have the best chance at a parking space.
  • Bring food just in case – Many beaches have food available, but you don’t want to leave your beach spot to hunt for food. Bring a cooler with some drinks, food, and snacks with you just in case.
  • Don’t assume lifeguards will be there – Lifeguards are not guaranteed to be at the beach you choose to go to. Although public beaches have lifeguards available throughout the season, other beach access points often do not have lifeguards nearby. Always keep an eye on your children if you choose to swim.

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