Rave Reviews from Property Owners

Grateful we found Florida Sun Vacation Rentals…

I couldn’t be happier with Florida Sun Vacation Rental’s services. My wife and I live in Montana. We purchased a second home in Palm Harbor to be near family and looked into the vacation rental by owner business as a way to offset some of the costs when we were not there. We worked with Brian and Cadie from the very beginning and had a great time planning and decorating our new home. Our intention was to create a space that would feel personal and welcoming to other families looking for a comfortable, “home like” environment while they vacationed in Florida. To our delight, it turned out so well, and was so well received by our renters, that we had to start booking our own visits well in advance! The success of the first home encouraged us to take advantage of favorable home prices and purchase another property near by, on the water.

We all worked hard to get our business off the ground. The initial investment in time and resources was significant: outfitting the homes for rental service and making mortgage payments during the slower seasons. Happily, in the last couple of years, the properties have become self-sufficient and have paid their own way: including a hefty mortgage, expensive repairs and routine maintenance. It has been 5 years since we started and both properties are stronger than I dared hope for! Best of all, business continues to improve, the tax benefits have been great and I don’t have to worry! For me, that is the Florida Sun Vacation Rental difference.

In hindsight, I realize and appreciate the extent of how much I under-estimated the amount of hands on, time consuming hard work is required in the day to day management of a successful vacation rental property. I am absolutely positive that I could not have done this on my own. First, I don’t live in the area and, second (even if we were closer,) it’s not where my skills are or how I want to spend my time. I am grateful every day that we found Brian and Cadie with Florida Sun Vacation Rentals. I can honestly say that partnering with them is what turned our dreams of success into a solid reality.

Finally, I want to talk a little about Brian and Cadie, owner-operators of Florida Sun Vacation Rentals. Positive online reviews that generate bookings are the name of the game in this business. Their attention to detail and personalized care makes people feel important, comfortable and safe…which generates those positive reviews. They are extremely reliable, genuinely good people with all the requisite skills and very high standards. Brian is able to handle small or large repairs and has saved the day (and me money) many times for vacationers when an unexpected problem occurred. Their background in property management (and business management in general) gives me confidence that contractual, financial or legal details are not overlooked. You will never meet more honest and transparent people to entrust your investment with. I intend to have them taking care of my business as long as I own vacation rentals. For me (and I can be hard to please,) the Florida Sun Vacation Rental difference is in the comfort I have knowing that my properties and renters are being taken care of in such a way that our reviews, income and growth have improved every year we have worked together.

No regrets!

Vic & Myia Houser | Somers, MT

Owning and managing a holiday property in Florida when you reside thousands of miles away can be extremely stressful without an honest, professional management team you can rely on. We have been fortunate to have solved this problem when we met Brian & Cadie of Florida Sun Vacation Rentals. Brian & Cadie have proven to be reliable, motivated and professional in all our dealings with them. They are experienced at what they do and have helped us to add value to our property by recommending and then overseeing various improvements and upgrades. They also ensure that the pool and lawn service companies are doing their jobs and that the house is clean and well kept.

It is also important to us that the people renting our home have been screened to ensure that they are responsible adults. As a result, we have had wonderful, respectful families enjoying our home and the many attractions and natural beauty of the area.

Brian & Cadie, let us take this opportunity to express our sincere appreciation for the care you take in managing our beloved holiday home, “Dolphin Cove Villa”.

We wish you continued success.

Dossie & Rose Marie | Toronto, Canada | Dolphin Cove Villa

To renters: from our side as landlords, Florida Sun Vacation Rentals has been very receptive to our tenants needs; the proof comes in our conversations with guests followed by their 5 star reviews. There are always positive comments about the cleanliness of the condo, attention to details, and responsiveness to any questions or concerns.

To owners: We have used other property management companies over the years. None have come close to the standard of quality that we receive from Florida Sun Vacation Home Rentals. We’ve used Florida Sun Vacation Rentals for several months now and never once considered changing. FSVR is proactive. They advertise on our behalf and have had great success with bookings. They routinely inspect the unit, make recommendations for improvements, run it by us, and proceed with agreed upon work when the property is vacant. Florida Sun Vacation Rentals also listens to our ideas and they develop strong ties to service providers with good quality and reasonable costs. It pays off as the higher quality of the unit brings a higher quality tenant. Credit goes to our managers, Brian and Cadie McGonagill, who stay on top of things and are very responsive to us and to our tenants. With Brian & Cadie on the job, we receive more satisfaction and less stress. So rare to find such competence today.

Thank you Florida Sun Vacation Rentals.

Pat & Steve Amitrano | Westmont, NJ | Harborview Grande 405

If you are someone looking to rent your condo and are looking for great property management you need not look any further than Brian & Cadie at Florida Sun Vacation Rentals. I was looking to start renting my condo to help cover some of my expenses. I live in Maryland and cannot possibly rent without property management. I began my search for such a person or company that I felt would take great care of my home away from home and at the same time bring me a good income. I met with several companies all offering to manage my rentals but felt that there was really only one choice for me. I really felt that with only a few units to manage, Brian & Cadie would really be able to give my unit personal attention. On top of that, Brian has done some repairs and maintenance to keep my condo in great shape at a very reasonable cost. It is rare to find someone both willing and able to perform such service and also do a great job of bringing in rentals. While I have only been with Brian and Cadie for a short time, I have been most impressed with their attention to detail and their rental service. I look forward to many more years of working together. I hesitate writing such a glowing review as I don’t want to lose their personal attention if they get too big however they have earned this review. I’m sure if your choose them to handle your property needs, you will be writing the next glowing review.

Ken Steinbach | Upperco, MD | Mariners Light 3B